Nunneley House Dental Practice



Fee Guide                                                      

Consultations                                                                    Private          Denplan Care     

New Patient Consultation (includes x-rays maimum 2 ):   £72                       £72                                                                                                      Routine Examination 6 monthly ( included maximum 2 x-rays):         £42                      Included                         

Small X-ray:                                                                                 £10                        Included                           

Full Mouth X-ray:                                                                         £80                      Included                         


Routine Scale & Polish:                                                            £44                       Included                        

Periodontal Treatment:                                                    From £90                     Included                          


Fillings:                                                                       From £78                 Included

Root Canal Treatments

Completed Treatment:                                                        From £216                Included                           


                                                                                       Avaliable on request                           

Crowns, Bridges, Veneers

Crowns and Bridges:                                                              From £550             Lab Fee only                    

Veneers:                                                                                    From £410             Lab Fee only                     


                                                                                                    Avaliable on request              


Out Of Hours Emergency:                                                         £180                         £20                                  

Dressings                                                                     From  £90                  Included                     

Supplementary Insurance                                                 Not included                Included                         


                           Plans start from £8.00 per month 

Denplan Essentials patients get a 10% discount on private fees.